Association Vacances LPO

From 2022 your holiday at LPO will be delivered not by a company but by our new French non-profit organisation called Association Vacances Le Pas Opton. This fresh start heralds a different mindset with some very important benefits for us all.

A fresh start for Le Pas Opton

We’ve never set out to make a profit. The generosity and spiritual vision of our investors and Board mean that we are focused on spiritual goals with financial stability. So a non-profit organisation makes more sense in the French context, similar to a registered charity in the UK. A French Association Loi 1901 exists for the benefit of its members, so everyone’s part of the club – guests, team, speakers, friends, Ambassadors. We’re in it together with a common purpose.

A new way of working

While most of the professional roles at LPO will continue to be fulfilled by salaried employees, any member of Association Vacances Le Pas Opton can help out. Joining is simple and you don’t even have to holiday with us to be a member. Meet us in May to put up tents? You’re welcome. Help with bike hire and repair for a couple of weeks? Yes please.

But we’re not taking this step in order to cut our staffing costs: we remain committed to employing the best people for all the key roles on site and to find those people locally wherever possible. The freedom to volunteer however allows us to work together as a Christian community, serving one another with more flexibility and freedom than before.

We’re taking this opportunity to re-invent our much-loved “courier” team, finally dispensing with an out-of-date name. The new team of Animateurs – animated by the Holy Spirit – will themselves be members and working on a voluntary basis. Those who need to earn some money over the summer will be able to apply for sponsorship from a new fund.

Post-Brexit benefits

As you may know, it is no longer permitted for French companies to hire employees from the UK. This challenge to our whole way of working can now be overcome because it’s fine for members from the UK to come as volunteers. So our Animateurs, whether from the UK, France, Holland or elsewhere will serve at LPO in a new way.

Will my holiday be different?

Your holiday arrangements will be almost identical. Spring Harvest Holidays Limited in the UK will still arrange your holiday and we’ll pass on €15 from your holiday payment to pay your membership fee for Association Vacances Le Pas Opton. On site, things will look and feel very similar: we remain totally committed to giving you a brilliant holiday in a Christian environment. We hope that over time you’ll notice a greater sense of community and participation, helped by the presence of more members in volunteer roles.

Do I need to do anything now?

You don’t need to do anything differently in 2022. However, you might want to consider volunteering or donating to our sponsorship fund. Of course, if you’ve not yet booked your 2022 holiday we’d love you to do that. And please pray for all the team as we work towards another brilliant season.